Day and night, i practice and practice to be a better person, to be good to all, to have that sparkle in my eyes, to meet the expectations of the world, to make myself a different person for the sake of other people and to make others Happy by myself BUT this All vanishes my Happiness away, still Those people complain, that world is in dismay, those friends need more effort by me.

        Hence my effort goes all in vain

       My heart wants other people to be Happy but in relaity it forgets that My actual Happiness lies within my heart no other people’s hearts, they are just my surrounding and nothing else, my heart can be solaced only from within self, when i’ll work for my happiness not thinking about others, when i’ll consider myself more important than the others, when i’ll listen to my heart beats. THAT is when WORLD listen to you, when you listen to your self.

 Make yourself happy and everyone else will seem to be happy around you

   And hence you get your reward when you work only for yourself not for the cruel world.


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