Oh shitt!! I failed the test again.

“Chill man, that was destined to happen. None of your fault.” , My friend said.

Yeah as if my fate is always trying to act against me in some way, i assumed sarcastically.

Then after some time a bus passed by me and splashed the mud on the way on my new shirt .

The heck man! The girl passing by laughed and said ” your luck is not in your favour today ”

In the evening i had to cook meal for myself which i did but while i was talking to my friend on the phone the meal was burnt and my friend said

   “Hey man you are having a nemetic                                    fate

Bullshit !

Why was everyone blaming my fate rather than me?? I had all the power to make the things go better.

               Fate is all FANTASY

You are only paid for what you do, not what your fate does to you. 

So i think we need to depend on ourselves rather than the fanatic faith ☺


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