There comes a point in our life when we stop expecting, When nothing seems real to us, when World seems like a Big Black Hole which is just about to collapse towards you.Everyone experiences this atleast once in a life, life is not an easy going job though!!

       But nothing stays forever.This feeling is soon replaced. And what it is replaced by is something called “Expectations”.

When we come out of our mourning stage, again we start expecting, expecting for the things to come better, expecting for the World following Us. Our expectations again start reaching the top high skies.

    Our hearts are so mean that even after it’s broken it doesn’t stop expecting for better and optimistic future.Yes! When we are in some sorrowfull moment of our lives, these expectations fade out But they never die! Expectations live forever and the living of these EXPECTATIONS is the reason that WE STILL LIVE besides having our bad days.

                !! KEEP EXPECTING !!


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