Oh shitt!! I failed the test again.

“Chill man, that was destined to happen. None of your fault.” , My friend said.

Yeah as if my fate is always trying to act against me in some way, i assumed sarcastically.

Then after some time a bus passed by me and splashed the mud on the way on my new shirt .

The heck man! The girl passing by laughed and said ” your luck is not in your favour today ”

In the evening i had to cook meal for myself which i did but while i was talking to my friend on the phone the meal was burnt and my friend said

   “Hey man you are having a nemetic                                    fate

Bullshit !

Why was everyone blaming my fate rather than me?? I had all the power to make the things go better.

               Fate is all FANTASY

You are only paid for what you do, not what your fate does to you. 

So i think we need to depend on ourselves rather than the fanatic faith ☺



I practice day and night to be a better person, to be good to all, to make everyone else around me happy, to create sparkle in other people’s eyes, to make them think may be i am Right. BUT still the world is cruel, all they do is Complain, no one pays you for your hardwork here, no one admires you, no one rewards you and in the whole scenerio, your own Happiness vanishes away.

      All your hard work goes in vain

    Your heart earlier beated for others but all it get it dismay, you tied to create other people’s hearts Happy but your Heart needs Happiness too and that can only be fiund within yourself, when you work for you not thinking about others, not thinking about others happiness and complains, By just Focussing on you.  

NO one REWARDS you for your             Hardwork but YOU Do

In Response to the Challenge

Life and death

      Two have got a a way Contradictory meaning. Two represents the opposite of each. A person is living his/her life happily not even worrying what is going to happen to him in the next hour. Totally unaware about him. He might be laying as a dead useless man in the grave, which represents a motionlesss man lying there not even able to help himself

     WHILE at the same time the man standing next to him ( whose shadow is being casted) represents the opposite of the other man. That man represents LIFE. He is in full form there standing nexf to the man who is even unaware about its surrounding.

That’s my meaning to opposite

Ps: I am really new blogger and not pretty sure what i m even blogging :p

Apologize for mistakes


There comes a point in our life when we stop expecting, When nothing seems real to us, when World seems like a Big Black Hole which is just about to collapse towards you.Everyone experiences this atleast once in a life, life is not an easy going job though!!

       But nothing stays forever.This feeling is soon replaced. And what it is replaced by is something called “Expectations”.

When we come out of our mourning stage, again we start expecting, expecting for the things to come better, expecting for the World following Us. Our expectations again start reaching the top high skies.

    Our hearts are so mean that even after it’s broken it doesn’t stop expecting for better and optimistic future.Yes! When we are in some sorrowfull moment of our lives, these expectations fade out But they never die! Expectations live forever and the living of these EXPECTATIONS is the reason that WE STILL LIVE besides having our bad days.

                !! KEEP EXPECTING !!


Day and night, i practice and practice to be a better person, to be good to all, to have that sparkle in my eyes, to meet the expectations of the world, to make myself a different person for the sake of other people and to make others Happy by myself BUT this All vanishes my Happiness away, still Those people complain, that world is in dismay, those friends need more effort by me.

        Hence my effort goes all in vain

       My heart wants other people to be Happy but in relaity it forgets that My actual Happiness lies within my heart no other people’s hearts, they are just my surrounding and nothing else, my heart can be solaced only from within self, when i’ll work for my happiness not thinking about others, when i’ll consider myself more important than the others, when i’ll listen to my heart beats. THAT is when WORLD listen to you, when you listen to your self.

 Make yourself happy and everyone else will seem to be happy around you

   And hence you get your reward when you work only for yourself not for the cruel world.